IMPLEMENTING PARTNER: Transparency International-India
YEAR: 2012
THEME: Procurement

The project goal was to improve the effectiveness, credibility and sustainability of the Integrity Pact as a means for increased transparency and accountability on public contracting processes and systems. To increase the influence of Integrity Pact through the inclusion of more Public Sector Undertakings as well as governmental and private sectors within the program Transparency International-India has signed a memorandum of understanding with Tehri Hydro Development Corporation Ltd (THDC) for adoption of the Integrity Pact. TII is also in touch with representative of Odisha Hydro Power Corporation Ltd (OHPC) and Andaman and Nicobar Islands Integrated Development Corporation Ltd (ANIIDCO Ltd) for adoption of IP. TII has organized several meetings and workshops in Delhi, Patna, Mumbai, and Bengaluru for advocacy of IP among public and private sector.

To strengthen the effectiveness of Integrity Pact by monitoring Public procurement of IP signatories Public Sector Undertakings and other organizations and also fine-tuning of IP program TII has taken various cases from different PSUs including OIL, Power Grid Corporation, Coal India, NALCO and effectively resolved these cases. We have also engaged ourselves with bodies like Comptroller and Auditor General and Competition commission of India for effective monitoring of IP and studied and compiled cases related to collusion in public sector. Cases related to corruption in various organizations like NABARD, NALCO and TII’s efforts in highlighting cases of whistleblowers have been widely covered in various newspapers like Hindu, Economic Times, Tribune, and DNA has indirectly helped in the monitoring process.