IMPLEMENTING PARTNER: Youth for Social Development
YEAR: 2013
THEME: Relief Accountability

The Phailin Cyclone had left indelible mark on lives and livelihoods of the coastal communities in Ganjam district in general and Behrampur in particular. Youth for Social Development (YSD) undertook rescue and relief activities during and after the Cyclone. However, it was observed from earlier post-disaster experiences that one of the key components of governance appears to be missing during the relief period — accountability. As a part of its commitment towards empowering communities and promoting good governance, YSD with support from Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF) undertook a pilot study on the preventive measures, rescue efforts and relief operations in the backdrop of the Phailin Cyclone. The pilot study apart from understanding and analysing accountability issues in the post-disaster relief phase, also aimed to generate some of the best practices, lessons learnt, and results. YSD developed replicable social audit toolkit to monitor relief/aid distribution, conducted training workshops for community members on relief/aid distribution, collected the data on relief funds, relief agencies and their work, monitor the ground realities and needs, trained YSD staff on implementation of social audit toolkit, shared findings with government, IACG and other civil society organizations, networked with other like-minded agencies and organizations, and collated international experiences and best practices in community engagement.